Beginners Greek Language Course in Cyprus A2-PM (March 2024)

       MARCH 2024 - BEGINNER'S GREEK COURSE (A2-PM) FOR 18+ years old

Learn4Good Larnaca announces a new Beginner's Course (Level A2 - March 2024). The program will be offered exclusively online via high standard and efficient live classes to a limited number of participants.

Beginner's Course (A2-PM) / March 2024
                     Monday: 18:00 - 19:30 PM
                     Wednesday: 18:00 - 19:30 PM
                     Friday: 18:00 - 19:30 PM
      Tuesday-Thursday-Weekend: No Lessons
                     Start Date: 1st March 2024
                     End Date: 17th April 2024
                     Number of Lessons: 20
                     Teaching Hours Covered: 30
                     Duration: Seven Weeks

√ Participants will be provided with teaching material, a folder and a bibliography(N/A).
√ There will always be tea and coffee available for free(N/A).
√ Our classrooms are fully airconditioned(N/A)!
√ Class size: Maximum number of participants: 6 (On a first come, first served basis).
√ Registration fees: 70 euros are to be paid by PayPal or Bank Transfer after sending in your registration form. Registration fees will be refunded, given that the cancellation happens minimum fifteen days before the settled starting day of the course.
√ Tuition fees: 200 euros are to be paid at the beginning of the course to Learn4Good Larnaca. Participants will receive a receipt for registration and tuition fees. Tuition fees cannot be refunded. At the end of the course, students will be given a certificate of attendance.
√ This REGISTRATION FORM should be sent by the 28th February 2024 to:
      Course content : Language Functions :
      - Introducing oneself and others
      - Role playing in real life situations (shops, bank, post office etc.)
      - Ask for explanations and information
      - Exchange of personal & family information
      - Comparing persons - objects - places
      - Giving directions
      - Keep an open everyday dialogue
      - Enrich vocabulary: work, food, family, weather, house etc.
      Course content : Grammar and use of Language :
      - Revision and consolidation of the present tense (conjugation A)
      - Present tense conjugation B verbs / Irregular verbs present tense
      - Systematization of the singular endings of nouns and adjectives
      - Plural of articles/nouns/adjectives
      - Cases of articles/nouns/adjectives
      - Adverbs of place and frequency
      - Full understanding of language structure in present tense
    The above course is designed according to the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK.
    For your best placement in a course, please contact us in order to identify your Greek Language Level.