Private Greek Lessons in Cyprus

Learn4Good Larnaca individual tuition is offered for those who have limited time available or want the trainer to be able to focus 100 percent on their needs. A course of individual tuition recognises that everyone is different, so the training concerned is entirely flexible to suit individual needs. The courses are adressed to adults of all ages and levels.

People choosing to take individual tution do so for a wide variety of reasons:

    - Preparation for an important presentation.
    - Increasing overall level of confidence in all aspects of Greek language.
    - A need to ensure total focus on personal needs.

Prospective students are strongly advised to send us by email the following details:

    - Age (Optional)
    - Mother tongue / Nationality
    - General education level
    - Greek education level
    - Greek language textbooks/materials already studied
    - Greek language grammatical phenomena already covered
    - Preferable timetable

Please provide as much information as possible in order for us to tailor tuition.

Here are the fees for our private Greek lessons:

Fees for 1hr Tuition
1S:1T 20euros
2S:1T 15euros
3S:1T 12euros

S=Student/Students   T=Tutor

Fees for 1˝hr Tuition
1S:1T 25euros
2S:1T 17euros
3S:1T 14euros

S=Student/Students   T=Tutor

Please note that 60 minutes is the minimum length for our private Greek lessons and 90 minutes is ideal according to our experience. However, a longer duration than 90 minutes is available upon request. Please contact us for availability.