I have had lessons at Learn4Good Larnaca for two years and thoroughly recommend both the tutors and the courses they deliver. I have become quite fluent in Greek, and have just finished reading my second Greek novel! The tutors there have a superb understanding of the Greek language and the difficulties it poses for foreign learners. They know how best to explain things and, perhaps more importantly, when to hold back from intervening and just let us chat. They make lessons varied and interesting, using the dynamics of whatever group is present to best effect. I am very grateful for the effort they put into considering the needs of their students and the flexibility they show which enables them to concentrate on an individuals needs.

Fiona Jayatilaka,   Mother, Scotland

I joined the intensive Greek Summer Course 2012 at Learn4Good Larnaca. As a busy person I was very afraid that it will be a waste of time, energy and money especially after I had heard from many people around me that they have joined some courses here and there, but the class was very crowded and the teachers were jumping from one lesson to another without making sure the students are grasping what they are leaning! To my surprise, we were few students in the class, which resulted in great attention given to us by our tutor. Lessons were given systematically and the methods of learning were very trendy and fun. I never thought I could learn the verbs while throwing a ball, or learning the nouns by playing "Guess who" or describing things around us by using paper clips or even singing in Greek with famous singers on YouTube.
Our teacher loved his work (teaching) more than we loved to learn sometimes, and he did it with passion, giving us time to articulate what we learn with endless patience on our mistakes. He wanted to make sure that we do not just learn a language, but integrate into the culture as well. Now that the summer course is over, I am eager to continue studying Greek with Learn4Good Larnaca, as Greek is not anymore a language that is feared because it is difficult, but instead, it is a language full of fun, cultural meanings in a place that is very homely using creativity as a learning method.

Rita Elmunayer,   Executive Director Sat7 TV, Lebanon

I unreservedly recommend Learn4Good Larnaca's Greek language courses. It was my third attempt to learn Greek, but the first to actually stick. As an education professional myself, the things that I really appreciated about the course were, firstly, the fun and focused atmosphere the instructor was able to create in the classroom, and secondly, the great amount of work he clearly put into each lesson. New materials were constantly created in response to student needs and the sensible decision to keep classes small enabled him to build a real team feeling into each class. I very much look forward to my next round of classes!

Dr. James Mackay,   Lecturer in Comparative Literatures, European University Cyprus, England

I have started my adventure with Learn4Good Larnaca over one year ago. At that time I knew only one phrase - Γεια σου. Although I was not very sure if Greek is 'my' language I must admit that thanks to this Institute I can use Greek in everyday life and at work. Most of all - I am not afraid of it! The teachers are young, passionate about their work and very experienced in tutoring. They deliver deliberate and interesting lessons with a great atmosphere. I was very lucky to find this institute and I sincerely recommend it to those who have moved to Cyprus for good and also to those who just come here for holidays and want to get to know the island properly, as the language is a part of the country's culture!

Michalina Gajdziel,   Economist, Poland

I have attended the A1, A2 and A3 Greek language courses at Learn4Good Larnaca and I can only say good things. It was a great experience, after 6 months there, I started to catch up with the language! It was a pity I had to leave the country because I think their method is pretty good and a fantastic way to learn Greek. The tutors understand that every lesson has to be funny and useful. Furthermore, we had a really nice group with people from everywhere, also foreign in Larnaca, so at the same time we were learning we had an amazing time...what else could we ask for?

Alba Castello,   Architect, Spain