I can highly recommend Learn4Good Larnaca. I have been able to improve my spoken Greek significantly. Learn4Good Larnaca uses modern teaching techniques, which allow easy learning. The material they use is up to date and interesting and ensures that the lessons never get repetitive or boring. Last but not least Learn4Good Larnaca allows flexibility for people with busy lifestyles.

Nick Galea,   Director of 3CX Software Developers, Holland

Learn4Good Larnaca offers excellent Greek courses in a comfortable and friendly environment. As a student, I have thoroughly enjoyed all three Beginnerís courses and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking seriously about learning Greek as a foreign language. With modern teaching techniques and amazing patience, I found a teacher with not only a passion for language, but also a passion for teaching. Whatever your cultural background, your level or your age, if you have the drive and enthusiasm to learn Greek, call Learn4Good Larnaca and book your course now.... I can't recommend it enough!

Christina Philippou,   Mother, Zambia

Thank you so much for your patience with the Greek lessons, teaching me all the basics in such an enjoyable way. I am delighted to be able to speak in Greek to my Cypriot neighbours. Even my grandchild is benefitting from my lessons with you because I can read her Greek fairy tales and she is already picking up a few Greek words. Thank you! You have a vast depth and breadth of knowledge of your beautiful native language, which is so inspiring for me! I enjoy the diverse teaching methods you use and the unexpected twists in the lessons - such as teaching me the correct way to make Greek coffee! Your lessons have instigated a love of the Greek language and culture in me, which is deeply pleasurable.

Dr.Betty Rudd,   Academic & Author, England

After arriving and relaxing in Cyprus I decided to learn Modern Greek. I was sure, that I have the power and patience to learn it. But the first contacts were a bit disappointing. I called several institutes, but not one offered real language courses for adults. Online I couldnít find any information in 2009 about Greek lessons apart from Learn4Good Larnaca. It was a further surprise, that this institute was close to my home and I called it. A friendly man answered the phone and invited me to visit. During the first meeting he explained the general structure of the courses and also informed me about the small groups of up to six people. From that moment I was sure that I was making the right decision. Now, I feel satisfied with the lessons I attended over two years, because in my opinion, finding the right synthesis between empathy, motivation and suggestion when dealing with difficult aspects like grammar, is essential for learning a new language as an adult. All these components exist at Learn4Good Larnaca and I feel happy today that I took this decision. My life in Cyprus changed. Today I'm able to communicate in Greek and I can suggest to everyone to take the same choice, if he is seriously interested in learning Modern Greek in a very nice atmosphere.

Steffen Genis,   Ancient Greek Philologist, Germany

I had the privilege of taking the beginnersí level of the summer intensive course at Learn4Good Larnaca this summer 2012. It was an extremely positive experience. The course was very well structured and tutors were very knowledgeable about how to keep the learner motivated and interested. They used several teaching modalities which helped tremendously in the learning process. Their technique and teaching styles contributed greatly to my experience. They are very familiar with the art and science of teaching Greek as a second language. They are very personable and have a great sense of humor. Learn4Good Larnaca provides a very comfortable learning environment. I would not hesitate to recommend their courses for anyone serious about learning the Greek language. I will certainly be returning for the second phase.

Koula Andreas,   Nurse, United States

I returned to Cyprus from the UK in 1990 but it was only recently that I really had a need to learn Greek grammar, in order to help me with my correspondence as part of my development as a professional artist. The twenty one-to-one (private) lessons at Learn4Good Larnaca have helped me gain a greater understanding of the Greek language and have formed a strong basis to continue learning. I enjoyed the lessons very much, learning at my own pace in a course that the tutor prepared to suit my level of understanding.

Paskalis Anastasi,   Professional Impressionist Artist, England