Learning Greek at Learn4Good Larnaca will be you last attempt because you will really learn to speak the language and communicate. Learning a language is not easy, but the small groups, the very well qualified staff and the frequent lessons are not only perfect conditions but they will also make you stay and continue your effort. Lessons are adjusted not only to your level of knowledge and progress but also to your interests! Thanks again, I even teach in Greek now!

Veronika Christodoulides,  Trainer of Intercultural Competence, Germany

Thank you tutors at Learn4Good Larnaca for the 3 years of Greek lessons and for being so patient with me. You went at the pace that I needed which is slower than most people and I gradually built up my skills and knowledge with the language. For me learning a foreign language was not easy since I have a mathematical mind and not a language one! but you made it possible even for me to learn the language!

Helen Kemp,   Photographer, Britain

I can honestly say that studying at Learn4Good Larnaca it was the best experience I have had in learning a foreign language. They even tailored a package to suit my needs and abilities, rather than stock lessons from a text book. The learning enviroment and the tutors themselves, made it a totally pleasurable experience.

Roy Pilkington,   Worker, Britain

I enjoyed the time with my Greek lessons very much. I liked the very nice and cozy environment and the super friendly atmosphere. Tutors, here, teach in an amazing way. In just few months I learned sooooo much that I was able to quickly communicate in Greek. Although I couldn’t continue my courses I will always have this time in my memory and I would send anyone who wants to become a greek speaker to learn the language at Learn4Good Larnaca!

Agata Chabinka,   Saleswoman at ALDO shoes, Poland

I was attending the greek lessons at Learn4Good Larnaca from 2010 until 2011. I found those lessons very interesting and helpful: mainly because our teacher was preparing for each lesson new materials and funny ways to present them. Sometimes it was a video(film), sometimes it was a well chosen everyday topic and sometimes it was a game with a small ball during which we were saying new verbs. For every lesson we had to write homework, which is , in my opinion, very important in the process of learning. Tutors were, also, very encouraging and that helped us to practise our greek language. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to learn the Greek language at Learn4Good Larnaca.

Natasa Djurovic,   Musician, Serbia

I wish to let you know that after completing my three levels of studying Greek at Learn4Good Larnaca, I feel that I can understand the Greek language much more readily. I find that I can understand the grammar and can create sentences. The pace at which I am taught is good and this adds to my confidence. The unhurried and patient attitude of the teachers is very much welcomed.

Allain Leong Son,   Owner of Old People Home, Mauritius

I would recommend Learn4Good Larnaca to anyone who wants to learn Greek in Cyprus, in a comfortable atmosphere with no pressure and maximum support. Andreas goes from being a teacher to becoming a friend in no time at all and for me this is very important in adult classes.

Kevin Downward,   Safety Manager at Ikea, Britain

I participated in Learn4Good Larnaca's modern Greek language classes.I found the lessons to be well structured and informative, engaging and professionally presented. Our tutor had a good sense of humour and a natural ease, which he brought to his classes. His vast knowledge of languages, along with his ability to transfer his knowledge to his students through his teaching skills, was and will continue to be extremely advantageous to any student fortunate to study with him.

Janet Ramoth,   Nurse, Britain