I have been a student at Learn4Good for one and a half year. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who really wants to improve his command in Greek or to learn the language from scratch. With their tutors one can quickly achieve his goals in connection with Greek language, with well-structured lessons three times per week and loads of homework in between them. Yes, this combination works perfectly! And the main thing is that you will never get bored – you will have interesting topics for discussion, nice books for reading and a very attentive teacher to answer your questions. Bravo and thank you very much for your work!

Oxana Vasilieva,  English Language Linguist, Russia

In the past I have tried several times to learn modern Greek. I have become able to read and write Greek at a fairly simple level but have continued to experience a lot of difficulty speaking and understanding the language.I started classes with Learn4Good Larnaca a year ago and haven’t looked back. I live in the UK and visit Cyprus for a few weeks each year so they set up weekly one-to-one Skype lessons, which have worked extremely well. My teacher is a good motivator and innovator; he uses a wide range of teaching methods to suit my learning style; and most importantly he makes learning the language a real pleasure and great fun. As a result, I can not only speak Greek to the level that allows me, for example, to discuss some aspects of Cypriot history and politics, but I have a much greater appreciation of Greek and Cypriot culture.I have just come back from a two week stay in Cyprus and felt very privileged to be allowed to sit in on some of their classes with their other students, which I enjoyed enormously. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Learn4Good Larnaca to anyone wanting to start or continue learning modern Greek.

Dr. Steve Tavare,   General Practitioner from Cambridge, UK

I have been taking lessons at Learn4Good in Larnaca during the last six months and unreservedly recommend both the tutors and the courses they teach. The tutors have a superb understanding of the Greek language and the various problems it presents to foreign students.There were only a few students in the class, which meant that almost one to one attention could given by the tutor. Our tutor is a gifted teacher who obviously loves his work. He always helped us with our pronunciation and had great patience with our mistakes, which was particularly useful in my case as I am in my seventies.I would not hesitate to recommend Learn4Good Larnaca to anyone who wants to learn Greek in a pleasant and supporting atmosphere. For me Greek is no longer something to be feared because it is difficult. Thanks to my tutor, it has become a delightful language with a fascinating cultural history.

Derek Henry,   Art & Design Tutor at Cornaro Institute Larnaca, Britain

Joining the Language Institute, Learn4Good Larnaca, was indeed a very fortunate choice. As an experienced language teacher, turn student, I set high expectations: * Modern Methodology * Experienced, academic tutors * A structured course * Well prepared and well planned lessons * Small groups * Individual attention. My teacher at Learn4Good Larnaca, provided all my requirements. And more. She is a dedicated and very personable tutor. She probably enjoyed lesson as much as I did. My lessons became the highlight of my week and I could hardly wait to get home to start my homework. The cherry on top? Very reaconable rates! I wholeheartedly reccomend this Institute to anyone who want to learn Greek, but who expects more than just another lesson.

Margaretha Morgan,   English Language Teacher, South Africa

I am a student at Learn4Good Larnaca Institute for almost two years now. Tutors here are very commited and professional. They are deeply informed in all new teaching techinques and materials on Greek as a foreign language and they apply them in their lessons in no time. They do have a very well-stocked library with a variety of books which goes beyond modern Greek language and covers modern Greek history, culture as well as ancient Greek and Byzantine periods. Being an Italian agriculturalist myself, trying to establish my own business on the island, I can now communicate with the local farmers and promote my biological products in Greek. I am very happy I took the decision to study at Learn4Good Larnaca and I am decided to continue until I reach the C1 Greek language level. If you are serious in learning the local language, Learn4Good Larnaca will be proved a wise decision.

Federico Chiabrando,   Agriculturalist, Italy